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Looking for high-quality windows that can weather winter storms, summer heat, and years of use with minimal maintenance required? Consider Aztech’s wide selection of custom vinyl windows. We do not just meet industry standards with these personalized products but go beyond them, made possible by precision-accurate manufacturing specifications and locally sourced, dependable labour. Along with a visually appealing finish that is easier to keep clean and care for, we are excited to offer an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution for your home.

Ready for Mother Nature – and Lower Energy Bills

Every Aztech custom vinyl window is specially engineered to be highly resilient and dependable. These products are durable, insulative, and carefully assembled based on your home’s unique design to ensure a precise fit. We achieve this by incorporating a resilient uPVC extruded profile, featuring a frame and sash corners that are fusion welded to ensure the strongest possible seal. Along with an innovative multi-chambered frame, you can expect the best in terms of durability, strength, and energy efficiency. These windows will maintain their resilience, precision-engineered shape, and water resistance for many years to come. In addition, all our windows are fully compliant to Canadian and USA manufacturing standards and are CCMC approved.

Vinyl is a material that is affordable yet offers unprecedented durability. Created using a plastic material known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it has a higher R-value that equates to improved insulation efficiency. This means your energy bills can be reduced over time through minimized air conditioner and heater usage, made possible by our use of high-quality materials in addition to weather-resistant engineering.

Customize Your Curb Appeal

Whether you wish to boost your equity or simply enhance the appearance of your home, our custom vinyl windows are designed to perform and look their best. Plus, they are easy to keep clean with maintenance consisting only of soap, water, and old-fashioned elbow grease. These products come in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours to suit every home design imaginable. Whether you are interested in a traditional casement, bow, or another style of window, the Aztech team is happy to accommodate your needs.


  • Sturdy extruded vinyl construction
  • Fusion-welded 3-1/4” frame and sash for superior strength

  • Multi-chamber UPVC profile for improved rigidity and insulation rating

  • Double-paned insulated glass units with LoE-272® coating, featuring Argon gas

  • Warm edge non-metal Super Spacer® system

  • Advanced triple weatherstripping for a superior seal

  • Available in standard white, with 32 additional colours available


  • Exterior brick moulding, 1.25-2.5” wide

  • uPVC or wooden jamb extensions and interior casings

  • Tempered, coated, laminated, sandblasted, and obscure glass panes

  • Triple-paned insulated glass units with LOE-366® coating and Krypton gas, offering superior energy efficiency in conjunction with UV and sound insulation

  • Insulated glass units featuring grills, otherwise known as simulated divided lites, to maintain the desired building style; available in a variety of styles, sizes, and colours

Why We Use Low-E Glass

In the United States and Canada, the established Energy Code requires that all homes now utilize Low-E glass, but what is it? In short, Low-E equates to a specialized film containing thin layers of metal that are essentially invisible to the naked eye. This film is heat-reflective and may vary in opacity depending on how dark or light the glass is that is used. This data falls under the term known as Visible Light Transmission (VT). For instance, darker panes of glass in windows that have a heavier Low-E film will have a lower VT rating. For ENERGY STAR® compliant products such as Aztech’s custom vinyl windows featuring Low-E glass, these ratings are provided by the NFRC. The key benefit is that Low-E glass can be up to four times more energy-efficient than clear glass, helping your home retain heat and cool air when appropriate even more easily.

Alternatively, you might consider ordering custom vinyl windows in a triple-glazed variety, which essentially adds a third pane of glass to the frame. This option features high-quality spacers that ensure a longer-lasting product and maximum seal efficiency, keeping moisture out.

Regardless of your needs or design vision, our team at Aztech has the expertise and passion to make great results happen. Discover our locally manufactured custom vinyl windows today by reaching out to us for further details.