Patio Doors

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From the interior, patio doors provide a large, unobstructed view of your backyard oasis, and from the garden, patio doors blend in effortlessly with your home’s exterior. Patio doors are available in sliding and swinging (French) models, and they are made of vinyl, steel or fiberglass. They all come equipped with a screen which allows ventilation without letting the insects inside your home.

Sliding doors are the most popular option due to their relatively lower cost, clean modern look, versatility and minimum space requirements. French doors on the other hand offer more traditional and elegant look


  • Maximize usable space around the doors.
  • All vinyl, multi-chamber profile design for superior strength and insulating properties.
  • Standard mechanically joined 5-5/8″ deep frame
  • Standard 6’8″ or 8’0″ heights
  • AAMA certified sinc-plated, double tandem steel rollers
  • Full perimeter triple layer weather stripping for excellent air and water tightness.
  • Heavy duty screen with heavy gauge extruded aluminum frame with solid fiberglass mesh


  • Hinged or French patio doors are more energy-efficient than sliding doors and are available in fibreglass and steel construction. Their security features are superior to those of sliding doors, and double-hinged French doors allow accessibility to the full width of the opening to accommodate busy household traffic.
  • Hinged patio doors are easier to operate, and are available in several designs. Sidelites and/or transoms and fixed panel systems are available.
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Maximizefunctional opening
  • Virtually maintenance-free